Saturday, March 28, 2009

Girl's Best Friend

This is my sweet friend Leslie and her fabulous dog, Diesel. I am not a dog person. I really want to be, but I'm just not. However, I dog-sit Diesel fairly often and I have to tell you, he is a great dog. He and I have bonded. I think I like Diesel as much I as could possibly like any dog. He follows me around the house and always falls asleep on my feet, even when I'm doing dishes. For whatever reason, I'm his favorite among the five in my family. He truly is a girl's best friend. If I can fall in love with Diesel, he MUST be a great dog.

Hope you love these sweet pictures of you and "Dees". I'm so glad we captured him while he still has that puppy look. Thanks for sharing him with us. He's like our nephew-dog or something.... this coming from the non-dog person. Darren's going to love the pics, I'm sure of it.

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