Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sorry to be so indulgent lately with so many family pictures. It's just that it is hot here in Southern AZ and not a ton of people are rushing out for pictures. So since it's the slow season, I'm getting in some good family time, thus so many pictures of my family.

This little ray of sunshine is in a phase where she likes to have her picture taken. Needless to say, I am loving it. So here are some shots from a couple of impromptu shoots. She could light up any room, couldn't she?


Is there anything better for a child than playing with cousins? Most of my favorite childhood memories involve spending time with mine. This past week our children got to add to their collection of memories with their own cousins. And of course their grandparents were on cloud 9 to have all 5 of their grands in one place.

With Granny and Pops:

The "babies":


While on vacation in Michigan and Indiana, we got to spend some sweet time with some of our most treasured people. We also managed to sneak in a photo shoot with my husband's brother and our sister-in-law and their darling daughters.

I love getting to connect with clients and take time out for memorable photos. It was extra fun to get to capture one of my favorite families on "film". I love these guys so much and spending time with them reminds me of how much I wish we lived closer.