Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Monkey

This little guy was probably the busiest person I've every photographed. He was curious and lively, just like a little boy should be. You can't spend time with this youngster and not just fall head over heals for him. He is just the cutest. I showed up to this shoot well prepared with a plan in mind... but that quickly went out the window. I realized that our subject would in fact be calling all the shots today. Just as well. He was adorable.

Hey Guys,
Thanks for giving me the chance to capture your beautiful family on film. I enjoyed my time with you and I love your little monkey. He is so much fun. You have such a great family. Thanks for letting me spy on it with the camera for a little while.


Alicia and Dan said...

Jaime, you did an awesome job with us! Thank you so much for squeezing us in and chasing our monkey around the park. You are the best!!!!

Kelsey Bushnell said...

Oh my goodness jaime! I do not check this blog enough! It lifts my spirits every time I do! You are so talented! I LOVE these! I can't wait to have kids for you to photograph!!! I LOVE the one with the frame on the parents...and peeking through the fence! ALl of them! I always show these off to my friends!

Cindy Acker said...

This little monkey is my grandson and I'm proud to call him that. This "little family" is the apple of my eye. These pictures are THE most fabulous I have ever seen but, of course, with the subject matter how could you miss. I only wish I could have captured my family this way. Jaime, thanks for an extraordinarily wonderful photo shoot.

One Proud Grandmother

Jaime Kesler Photography said...


I can see why they are so special to you. I'm so glad the pictures are meaningful to you. The pleasure was all mine.


Nana Terri said...

My goodness what can I say but what a great job. I can't wait to share the pics with all my family and friends around the country. Jaime, all I can say is fab fab fab, of course the little monkey is my first grandson and his mother is my first born so what can I say . The three make a perfect pic for a family.