Saturday, September 13, 2008

Introducing Emma Grace

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn to first-time parents? This sweet little trio let me come into their beautiful home to capture their daughter in pictures since she has captured their heart. If you spend half a second with this little angel, she'll capture your's too.

Emma, thank you for letting me come and disrupt your afternoon so Mommy & Daddy could have some keepsakes of this precious time in your life. You are simply perfect. What a gift you are, little one!


Cassie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Absolutely beautiful! Jaime, those are awesome! I can't wait to see the rest! You are an incredible photographer! I was tearing up just looking at those - beautiful! And the Gift from God came out well, considering! :-) Love you and thank you so very much!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The baby is the most beautiful one ever photographed

All the pictures are precious. I especially liked Daddy and Emma, God's gift, and the one with Emma on the ottoman.

Mimi Crossnoe

Cassie said...

p.s. that's my mom. :-)

Tidly Brisson said...

My favorite is the black and white close up of Emma (3rd one in the line up). They are all very sweet.

Mrs. N. said...

Precious!! Oh she is perfect and the photography is lovely artwork!!

Christina Young said...

wow that last one is straight out of Anne Geddes photobook. And the one on the sofa with Cassie and Dustin looking at each other looks like the twinkle that started the whole thing! What great artistry once again Jaime! All of them are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The one on the bed - I was wondering what happened to our bedspread - did you guys know you have the same one we use.

Regarding the photos: Jaime, don't think you disturbed my grand-niece too much. Love all the photos! You captured not only the beauty of the child, but the love of the parents - I think you created some precious moments to be cherished by Cassie, Dustin and Emma in the future. This type of photography is where the saying comes from - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cassie and Dustin - So can we expect the Gift from God for Christmas?

The Great-Uncle
(no, not Don or Keith)

Anonymous said...

What a true gift of God. She is the most precious thing I've seen (since my own), Hee! Hee!. What joy in both of your faces. I'm so happy and proud for you.

Thonak you for sharing your Emma with me.
Love, Sherry

Southern Girl known as Mommy said...