Friday, November 7, 2008


As we traveled from the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff, we stopped for family pictures, which I will post later. After we stopped for pictures, we met a dear friend for lunch in Flagstaff. She is a photographer and offered to take us down the road to NAU and take a shot of the whole family. We took her up on her offer because she does great work and it would be nice to have one of all of us together.

I don't know what we were thinking, trying to take more pictures, after keeping the restless kids in the car for several days and 2,000 miles. I'm posting this to show that even photographers' families have photo shoots that don't go perfectly....

Okay here we go... not so bad, right?
It got worse from here...

Poor Elle did a face plant as I was readjusting:

I think Delainey is getting ready to sneeze:

This dogpile (which was my idea) was a complete castrophe! Hilarious!

This is one Caleb had shot earlier.
I think it's funny because Delainey was aparently itchy..

Thankfully, we did walk away with some good stuff too.

I just wanted to show that I fully understand what moms go through to make pictures successful. Nothing surprises me anymore. Now you've seen me and my family at our worst so don't feel any pressure about your next family shoot.


Christina, Carlos, and Julian said...

I love your turquoise shawl/scarf...probably because I have one exactly like it! Great taste I must say!

Lainee said...

J-ok so I am sitting in my office an belly laughing out loud. I forgot how funny these pictures were. I am so glad that God brought our lives together, I just adore your family. I love the crazy, silly pictures-