Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

After relocating to AZ, I'm slowing getting back into the photography groove. I had the privilege of photographing Robert and Patricia. I've known each of them for a long, long, time. Patricia's mother (who showed up at the end of the shoot), was my kindergarten teacher! It is so great to see Robert & Patricia married and now parents! What a sweet family.

Robert & Patricia,
Thanks for letting me photograph you and your absolutely LoVeLy daughter. What a doll! She is perfect in every way! You guys were great, especially being willing to go to "The Hut" for family pictures. Did you ever imagine that would be a photo op spot? HA!
Much love,

I'm sure anyone from Ajo who is looking at this is laughing out loud. You'd have to understand what "The Hut" is to appreciate the humor in this photo:

"Nana" showed up at the end of the shoot as Miranda was getting sleepy. Perect timing for a little cuddle session. How sweet is this?:
(BTW, this was my Kindergarden teacher)

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