Monday, October 13, 2008

Handful of Favorites

I LOVE these kids! I know you're not supposed to have favorites. Truth be told, I usually have one kid in each family I photograph, that for some reason steals my heart and secretly is my favorite. I can honestly say, all 3 of these little guys were my favorites.

Right off the bat, the oldest told me, "I'm the coolest, Isaiah (the middle child) is the craziest and Peyton (the baby) is the cutest." He was absolutely right. He was the coolest. Isaiah is a crazy little guy! And Peyton, oh my goodness, what a cutie!!

T & C,
Can I have your kids? Seriously, I loved them!!!!! I could photograph them all day long. How about if you just let me babysit them and we'll go for walks and I'll take my camera? Deal? Thanks for letting me do your pictures. I loved the time with you guys.
Thank you!

This picture summarizes what it is often like parenting toddlers:
I can so relate to this picture since these 3 are close to my kids' ages. Mom is getting after the little one, Dad is rolling his eyes in frustration, the oldest one acting like a perfect angel, the middle one pouting and the baby outwardly saying, "Are you going to make me?" I love it...

The coolest:

The craziest:

The cutest:

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Christina, Carlos, and Julian said...

Wow. Those kids are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, gorgeous. They should model for Gap Kids.