Monday, May 5, 2008


Springtime is such an amazing time of year because it reawakens things in us that we forgot about somewhere in winter's months. I love getting outdoors with my little ones and doing the things they love most. Around our house, it seems that our family bond happens outdoors more than anywhere else.

We went outside and I worked in my herb garden while the kids ran wild. They were having so much fun that I decided to take a few pictures. We found some wild raspberries growing by our A/C unit and Elle found a frog. She first thought it was a toy and went to pick it up. When it jumped she had a look of terror and disgust all at the same time. For the rest of our time outside, she walked through the grass with a nervous look on her face as she scanned with her eyes to make sure there weren't anymore of those nasty green jumping things.

This is my attempt at getting a picture of all 3 sitting down together.
(My tactics never work with my own kids like they do with other people's kids!):

What a good boy, doing what he's supposed to. What about those girls?:

Bryant found a tiny berry:

Every kid has their moments. I love those moments:


Such a good brother:

I cannot take credit for this one. I didn't even ask him to do this, I promise:

And they're off:

This girl is no fashion expert (yet) but she loves her boots:

DJ, the one who loves to be in charge... even if it's just of a water hose:

Nervous Elle looking at the frog:

The frog:

Elle trying to figure out how to get on the bike the right way:

Elle walking, and keeping a watchful eye for that tricky frog:

I do love my kids:


Becoming Me said...

Amazing shots. DJ's pouty face in the last one cracked me up. I love the one of Bryant kissing her and the one of Elle looking at the frog was also priceless.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pic! The kids are so big!!

Love you, Stace