Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lolo, Los & JJ

I think it's pretty obvious that I really put my heart into what I do as a photographer. It's especially easy to love what you do when you love the people you're doing it for. That's the case with this sweet family. Christina has been like a member of our family for several years now. So of course, the two most special men in her life, automatically are special to me.

Another thing that made this shoot great is that they were up for anything I wanted to do. When I said, "Let's take your leather couch out to the desert", they said, "okay, whatever you think will be good, Jaime." I LOVE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!!! We went out, shot and had a great time capturing this gorgeous family with my camera.

Christina, Carlos & JJ,
Thank you so much for letting me do your pictures! I loved every minute with you guys. I hope these pictures stir wonderful memories in your minds for years and years to come.
Much love,


Christina, Carlos, and Julian said...


You are AMAZING. We had so much fun and already treasure the pictures you took. We were so comfy and at ease throughout the entire shoot!

We love you,

Lolo, Los, and JJ the Jet Plane

Anonymous said...

Aaaww... these are great!

G├╝ero said...

The pictures are awesome! You do such an amazing job.