Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunshine in the Rain

It was pouring down rain at my house but the mom of these beautiful children was sure we should go ahead with our planned photo shoot. Not wanting to seem unwilling or unflexible, I said "okay". As we were driving there I kept thinking how crazy this was that we were out in this storm because I could barely see the road. Just as I was noticing how huge the raindrops were, the clouds parted and there was a beam of sunlight. As we got closer and closer to our destination, the sky went from dark gray to bright blue. Once we arrived at the park just a few miles from my house, we couldn't believe that is was perfect weather! So we began our shoot. What a great time we had. Just as we were finishing up, the sky cracked with lightning and the storm rolled in. We were glad it worked out so well! These two little ones were a joy!

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Becoming Me said...

Precious--I think God did that just for sweet Karie!