Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking At 4

This is one of my favorite 4 year-olds. She and my daughter are like sisters, including in the way they sometimes fight. I loved doing Xylie's 4 year pictures because she is such a doll. She was a great sport, even though she fell asleep on the way to the shoot and it was quite chilly out. She woke up, put on some of her favorite clothes and had a wonderful time. I did too.
My favorite thing about Xylie's shoot was seeing her many expressions. She is not one to pose intentionally under my instruction. She has a mind of her own and it's very fun and creative. She just kind of did her own thing while I followed her around with my camera. These photographs are just expressions of herself- the best kind. Even the hat tipping one is her thing- not mine.
Happy Birthday Xylie! We love you!

This is a common riddle for my kids lately: "What kind of phone does Xylie have?" Answer: "a Xylie-phone" (this is where you laugh)

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Angela said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Is that how you write a squeal of joy??/ I love these pictures and cannot wait to see the whole kit and caboodle. Jaime, you did such an amazing job at the shoot. Xylie had a blast and I am so happy that you just allowed her to be herself and didn't ask her to do any stiff poses or silly stunts. You are the best! Love, Angela