Monday, November 26, 2007

Princess Pattern

This is the 4th family of three I have done in the last couple of months! All 4 of these families have one child, which have all been girls. They've all been sweet little princesses. Coincidence? I don't think so. I've put a little thought into this...

Having one child makes getting pictures done a piece of cake! One outfit to pick out, one head of hair to perfect and one personality to keep content. With a family like mine, picture day can easily turn into a serious melt down! Spills, pouting, whining and who knows what else happens when you've got more children than parents!

Rest assured that at JKP, even big families can have a wonderful photography experience. Every hair in place isn't nearly as important as happy kids doing their thing and getting captured on film. And while I LOVE the sweet princesses, I'll take the crying kids with dirty faces anyday too.

This family was a lot of fun. Even when the weather turned cold (and it did!), they were up for whatever. What a terrific family with so much character. I enjoyed every minute of our shoot!

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